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Oslo Kamera Klubb Spring Competition 2009

Tweet Tree images and one collection was accepted: Spray Painting Jump Vikagutt The Cone Heads

Light in the landscape

Tweet This was an overcast day with glimpses of sun. What makes this shot work is that it is taken just as the sunrays hit the man. The location is Arundel, West Sussex. the path along the river Arun.

Digital Photo Magazine

Tweet This is my favourite magazine for learning new techniques. The CDs with the video tutorials are really good and you can find more video tutorials here.

Shutter speed and moving water

Tweet Not a traditional sunset shot as the sun here comes in from the right and lights up the white shells on the stone. How the spray of water looks is largely controlled by your shutter speed. If the moving water is your main subject in the picture I recommend using Shutter Speed Priority (Tv) […]

Some sunsets are…something else

Tweet I once got a compliment for this sunset shot. But it is actually not a sunset shot. It is taken around 8:00 on a cold spring morning. I like this location where it of course would never be possible to get a sunset shot…ever.

HDR and landscape shots

Tweet An experienced photographer would most often prefer to use filters to balance the amount of light from the sky with the amount of light from the foreground. An alternative solution is to take multiple shots with the same aperture but a different shutter speed, and later merge these. This is a good solution when […]

Setting up your camera for a landscape shot

Tweet So lets say you found a good composition and you got all the gear you need and perhaps even more than that because you took my bad advice :-) Set the camera on Aperture priority, a high f-number like f/16 to f/22 and ISO 100. You want the picture to be sharp all the […]

Outdoor Photography

Tweet If you enjoy shooting Landscapes you might enjoy Outdoor Photography.

A landscape shot shopping list

Tweet I am not shoting many empty landscapes these days but this is the equipment I would typically use with the old Canon 400D. Wide Angle lens, typically a Sigma 10-20 mmTripod or gorillapod ND grad filters and filter holderAdapter ringAngle finder Circular Polariser filterHotshoe Spirit levelCable or wireless remote control A reflector if the […]

Composing a landscape picture

Tweet A good landscape picture has something of interes in the foreground, middle and background. In my opinion a picture of a beautiful sunset alone is not a landscape picture. It’s a snapshot. A good landscape picture needs to be composed carefully. The rule of thirds suggest you put your horizon line a third from […]