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Create a Triptych in Photoshop

Tweet A triptych is simply a set of three images on one page.These three pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 400D, on ISO 1600 and with a fast 50mm f 1.8. lens. As it was a party and very dark i had to make do with a slow shutter speed, and I also had […]

Within The Frame – The first podcast is out

Tweet View all of Davids podcasts at Peachpit.Read his article on storytelling, also at Peachpit.

Car hood reflection

Tweet An early sunny morning after a rainy night. Reflections generally work better when what is reflected is lit up by the sun. In this case the low sun lights up the building. What I like about this shot is that in addition to the car and the building, there is a third “level”, namely […]

The “Vika Boy” got a silver award

Tweet This is from Vika in Oslo, where some scenes from the film Max Manus was filmed. The story is from the war years 1940-45. I think the background with the truck and bicycles adds to the war time mood. A smoke machine had been used, which made the background more diffused. I added a […]