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Fun in Photoshop

Tweet This image was shot on the marble bridge over to the Oslo Opera, just after sunset. The camera was placed on the edge of the bridge, with a slow shutter speed set. The focusing was adjusted approximately and then switched to manual. Every time she took a step forward, I pressed the shutter. The multiple […]

Turn windows into reflective mirrors

Tweet It can be done with any large window if the light is right. Place your camera sideways, as close as you can to a glass window and you will see it turn into a mirror.

Picture of the Week in Oslo Kamera Klubb

Tweet I received the book William Eggleston’s Guide by John Szarkowski as the prize – looking forward to digging into it!

Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

Tweet A circular polariser is a must for landscape photography. I just read about the “Gold-N-Blue Polarizer” and I guess I have to do some landscapes again soon. :-)  Read the Sing-Ray blog about this filter. Singh-Ray Blog

It’s all about balancing the light

Tweet The buddha is placed inside the window of a shop, and the building is behind me but reflected in the window. With reflections it is all about balancing the light between two or more planes in the image. I had been waiting for the sun to light up the building in the background – […]

Skateboarders at Dyvekes Bru in Oslo

Tweet I love going to this skateboard park that I have discovered on one of the weekly walks with OSLO KAMERA KLUBB. My favourite viewpoint is from above, i.e on the bridge. I was lucky to get these two guys in the same frame, as they are moving in opposite directions. To me balancing a composition […]

Norwegian Photographic Society – Autumn Competition

Tweet I am looking forward to this competition, announced today. This is a competition between the Norwegian camera clubs. A great way to get feedback on your work and hey – they might put your image on the poster for next year’s competition :-) The deadline is october 15th, or 5th for Oslo Kamera Klubb.

Get your flash off the camera

Tweet I recently read that the best gift to give to your flash was an off-camera shoe cord. This is Canons version. You can get it at Warehouse express for £50.For this picture I held the flash under the camera.

Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Tweet The camera is not capable of seeing the same range of light as the eye. For that reason you get shots where the bright is too bright, and the dark is too dark. This picture can serve as an example. I wanted to capture the details of the granite floor where the light from […]

Split Toning in Photoshop

Tweet As an alternative to pure black and white you can use Split Toning in Photoshop. In this example you can see that the black has a blue tint, and the white has beige tint. Split toning with two colours is also called Duotone. First convert your image to black and white. This is not […]

Wall of gold

Tweet If you have been on the roof of the opera house you will have noticed that the colour of the wall is closer to silver than gold. Two elemens contribute to the golden colour. The first is that these images are taken at sunset. The low sun coming in from the side is of […]

Motion Blur

Tweet Sports pictures are often taken with a fast shutter speed of, say, 1/1000 seconds to freeze the action. This is what will happen if you use the Sports Mode on your camera. An alternative is to use a slow shutter speed and to follow the moving person or object with the camera. This is […]

Travel Photography Tips

Tweet Today there is an interview with David duChemin about travel photography and how to shoot people when travelling. The video is not embedded so click on the link below the picture to see the video. If you are in a hurry, start the video at 1:53 minutes to get his three tips. Photoshop User […]

Sunset at Akershus Fortress

Tweet This type of shot you achieve by exposing for the sky. Underexpose by 1-2 stops and check your histogram. Use only one focus point and it must be set on the people to get a sharp silhouette. A low camera angle is important – here I was on my knees in the mud.

The streets of Oslo

Tweet Another reflection shot with the dolls inside the shop and a woman passing by behind me. For this to work there has to be a balanced amount of light between the dolls and the person passing by.

“Jump!” discussed in podcast

Tweet My favourite photography author is creating a series of 20 podcasts. In episode 14 he discusses my picture “Jump!”. The picture is taken on the roof of the new operahouse in Oslo. The sun comes in from the side, which is why the two shadows to the left are almost mirror images of the […]