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Oslo Kamera Klubb – Exhibition Opening today


Dark Streets

Tweet Taking pictures at night require a high ISO and your images will most likely be quite grainy, which again often makes a good b/wh. I love taking pictures in the streets at night, using only the street lights or lights from cars driving by. One trick you can use if you are not fond […]

Reflections in Metal

Tweet The first image shows the Nobel Peace centre by Aker Brygge, Oslo. The second shot is a doble reflection from an antiques shop in Greenwich, London.

Choosing a high or a low viewpoint

Tweet After capturing the first shot I wondered if the scene would look better from a lower angle. Even if the silhouette of the man is easy to interpret in both pictures I ended up with the first shot as my favourite. You see more of the boats on the left, and his head still […]

Reflections in Cars

Tweet It is fun to capture reflections in car windows and bonnets. If two planes are at an angle with each other you can capture two different versions of the same subject in the same image. Remember to set your focus on the house (in this case) and not the car. You may also like […]

Reflections in Puddles

Tweet You need:1) A puddle2) A sunny dayThese reflections work best when the sun lights up your subject. Move around the puddle until you see your subject reflected in the puddle. This time it ment a very low viewpoint, like 30 cm above the ground. Focus on the building. Check your historgram because you may […]

City Speedscapes

Tweet The inspiration for these images came from the photographer Finn Krogvig who visited Oslo Kamera Klubb. He is fascinated by taking images from the train window while travelling. When he sees something interesting through his lens he turns fast and tries to keep the focus on for example a house. In turning, swirls are created around the […]

Autumn Colours


Zebra Crossing

Tweet These are two images from the same location. The top image with the reflected house is turned upside down to give the impression that the zebra crossing extends across both images.

Mother and Daughter


Annual Exhibition with Oslo Kamera Klubb

Tweet So –  if you are in the area, drop by for the opening at 13:00 next saturday! The link to the 2008 Exhibition is HERE.



Yay! Came in 2nd yesterday!

Tweet  I came in 2nd yesterday in the “Picture of the week” competition in OSLO KAMERA KLUBB. In the digital category for Photographer of the Year I am currently ranked 3rd with 8 points, with my friend Kristin ahead of me on 2nd with 10 points. A few more rounds to go :-) When I first photographed this […]

Drawing the Eye – new e-book from David duChemin out now for $5

Tweet David duChemins latest e-book is released and you can buy it HERE.As some of you may know, I am a big fan of David duChemins work. He released Within the Frame earlier this year and that book is one of my favourites. David preaches about “Gear is good – Vision is better”. I was lucky […]

Numbering standards when downloading pictures from your camera

Tweet I had a question about this the other day when a friend tried to download her pictures from the cameras memory card onto the computer. She received a message that the image already existed, and would she like to overwrite it? There are two ways this can happen. First, if you are trying do […]

Back to the sixties


Before and After

Tweet Waiting for the bus I discovered a stripe of light behind me. The light cast a shadow on the ground. I selected a slow shutter speed of 1/30 seconds to blur out the background and the left shot was the result. After preparing this image for black & white, I used a split toning […]

Beach Hut Triptych

Tweet Had a relatively hot day in Oslo yesterday so I felt like looking through some of my summer images. These shots were taken on an earlier mentioned photo walk with OSLO KAMERA KLUBB.  I bent my knees slightly so that the railing would cover the horizon line. This is a set of three images. To create […]

Shoe Lounge – ladies’ shoe shop in Oslo

Tweet Shoe Lounge is releasing their new web pages on monday. I have helped them out with some product shots. This picture shows how their web designer integrated my picture of the red shoes on their front page. Visit Shoe Lounge.

The Buddha Obsession

Tweet When I look through my files I have to smile at how many different angles and times of day I have managed to capture this Buddha. This shot is taken from a very low angle to position the head of the Buddha in the top right corner of the frame. In Photoshop the important steps […]

Autumn Colours

Tweet Just a grab shot on my way back from work yesterday. I love how the green bicycle blends in with the grass and the red Ivy. Green and red is compositionwise perceived as a good combination. I used a low viewpoint to make the bike stand out better, which perhaps is not obvious. A wide […]

Oslo Town Hall Reflection

Tweet Photographing people when they are reflected in puddles is a fun exercise, although sometimes you are caught! This shot is flipped both horisontally and vertically, to create the impression that the camera was standing on the ground, and to make the Town Hall look like…. well, the Town Hall. With the clock on the […]

Texture and Stone

Tweet Every week we have an informal mini-competition in Oslo Kamera Klubb. Yesterday I came in third with this shot of a car hood. A building is reflected in both the car hood and the front window of a car. Texture can also be smooth like a clean car hood. Earlier this autumn i also […]

Repeating Objects

Tweet One thing to look for when composing pictures is repeating objects. I discovered the lady in the painting inside the window and waited patiently until I could also include the reflection of the woman passing behind me, and also her shadow.