Akershus Fortress… again

Akershus Fortress After Storm by Ely Reinholdtsen

Akershus Fortress After Storm

Akershus Fortress - The Rampant by Eli Reinholdtsen

Akershus Fortress - The Rampant by Eli Reinholdtsen

I am lucky to live close to the fortress and often stop by when I’m out walking in town. Especially if there are wind and clouds nice patterns may appear. The first image was taken just after a storm, and the second inbetween showers on a different day. I started stepping backwards as I realised the trees behind me started to appear in the image. So I included them and got a different approach to earlier images.  Just by actually being there.

The first image is used in the September 2010 Peachpit Photography Newsletter which can be found HERE. I am the featured photographer of the month. Peachpit has some great books on photography, including – Within The Frame by David duChemin – so have a look around if you click the link.

If you would like Peachpit to use one of your images, add it to the Flickr Pool HERE.

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  1. Geir says:

    A nice departure from your reflections. I’m really happy for your success, it is well deserved.

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