Madonna and…my dad

Madonna and child

Reflection in framed picture.

My dad has a summer house in the north of Norway. This is where he is from and the house is actually his childhood home, and also his dad’s, my late grand-dad’s childhood home too.

The house has been practically untouched for almost forty years, apart from unavoidable maintenance, so it has felt a bit like opening a time capsule when we started upgrading the house last year.

He found two religious framed prints in the damp cellar. Pictures belonging to my great-grandparents, that my grandparents had put away as these images were rather out of fashion in the fifties and sixties. Now the images are back up on the wall. And we just love them.

I have been wondering about how I could use these pictures to create reflections and one day when i saw my dad looking at the sea through the window it struck me how i wanted to shoot the reflection. With him in it.  The glass is a bit bulky since it is so old, so this elelement also added a challenge.

I asked him to move back and forth a bit, and I also had to adjust my own position so that the Madonna was not looking down at the child but at him. And since he is the youngest of the four I guess in some ways he is still the child, even if turning 84 this year!

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  2. Dave Spindle says:

    I just added this photograph as a favorite on flickr, right next to “Anna and Eternity”. Both are beautiful shots. What a great idea for capturing family members!

  3. Eli says:

    Thank you, David! It is an idea I plan to explore further. I have more ideas on the subject :-)

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