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Out sketching…

Out sketching...

Tweet This metro station is one of my favorites. I was out in the snow and wind today but took some time inside the station to warm up again. What I want to work further on is the reflection in the ceiling, the reflections on each side, and perhaps a lower viewpoint and to try […]

On “Living the Dream”

On "Living the Dream"

Tweet This last week I have pondered over the concept of “Living the dream”.  I feel impressed and proud for people who decide to take that leap of faith and go after what they want, even if there are risks and dangers on the way.   For passionate photographers the “official” ultimate goal seems to […]

Kathmandu Moments

Kathmandu Moments

A series from the recent “Kathmandu Within The Frame” workshop in Nepal.

Talent isn’t everything

Talent isn't everything

Tweet In Norway we would usually say that a photographer is “good”, we don’t really use the word “talented” so much as seem to be done in English. So I figured I’d brush up on my English skills (I guess this could benefit my Norwegian skills as well!) and find out what it means to […]

Compelling… or just exotic?

Compelling... or just exotic?

Tweet As I am going through my images from the recent “Kathmandu Within The Frame” workshop there is one issue I am faced with over and over again. Which is the question above, of whether an image is actually compelling, or just of interest to me because it was taken in a remote location that i had […]

More Fog

More Fog

Tweet This was also shot in the fog yesterday. Shooting into the sun added more contrast. I added a split toning layer in PS and used “Multiply” for that layer. Then reduced the opacity a bit. Even without the fog this is a great time of year to shoot here with the short days and […]

Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic

I love shooting in fog.