The barber in Lucca

I guess it is no surprise that I like barber shops, as they are full of mirrors! I passed this very busy barber shop in Lucca, and was trying to nod “Buongiorno” in the door and point at my camera to suggest I shoot an image from the doorway.
Barber Shop in Lucca 1
I thought I got a yes – and I have been wrong before – so I took a shot. Then he waved at me and I thought I was wrong and said I was sorry and started to move on. But he came after me! And pulled be back in and told me to just start shooting away! With body language of course since I don’t speak Italian! He showed me a photo of his friend on the wall and pointed to a man sitting with sunglasses on, close to the doorway. I assume he was a local celebrity of some kind.

The customers also started laughing when the man in the window got upset, so I felt they – along with me – ganged up on him. So in the second image the barber is MAKING him pose for me :-)

Barber Shop in Lucca 2

In the beginning I was so focused on getting my shots but now I become more and more fascinated by the stories, and sometimes forget shooting!

8 Responses to “The barber in Lucca”

  1. Alexander Eberwein says:

    Your pictures have so much heart, Eli ! Your work always fascinates me !
    My favourite here is the second picture. Makes me smile too ! :-)

  2. Lori says:

    What fun! The images really tell the story!

  3. Eli,
    Just gave myself the pleasure of reading your last three blog entries and look at your photos. Entertaining, straight-forward and open, I like your style of writing!

    Lucca indeed is worth a visit, each time again. Been just too long since I last visited, I think. But that might actually be one of the first places I realized that you can tell the stories of a little place like that through stories. Not that I ever understood how to back then, and I’m only learning to now, but your articles were a nice reminder!

    Love the last photo of these two here, your eye for reflections seems to have guided you well.

    Enjoy the light!

    PS: Just realized you wrote the Chasing Reflections ebook. I bought it when it came out and only recently started reading it. Should return to finish it ;)

    • Eli R. says:

      You SHOULD, Thomas :-)

      Ii is not often a place is so beautiful that tears come to my eyes, but Lucca definitely had that effect on me.

      Meeting these people who took the time to let me into their lives for a few minutes felt very rewarding.

      • I guess it’s something that often enough eludes us, even when we enter a confined place as a shop or something similar we don’t take the opportunity to connect a bit more with the people and the place, but I guess that this is one of the prime opportunities to do so! I should keep that in mind more when I do ;)

  4. Alexander Eberwein says:

    The second one is also my favourite ! Its very emotional and makes me smile every time i look at it. Glad you didn’t moved on ! (sorry bad english ;-) ) :-)

  5. Leo says:

    Eli, 1998-2000 I lived in Lucca. May I ask for the name of their shop, please? They used to cut my hair. If you know there names, as well, the memories will come back to me. Thank you, Eli.


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