One thing leads to another

The idea of saying ‘yes’ to challenges sends me off in unexpected directions sometimes. And of course it can be about giving yourself a challenge. The challenge doesn’t have to come from someone else!

Thomas Hofstad

I suggested to re-shoot some of the band images of just the drummer in the band I have been working with. Before photographing the band I had read articles about “How to shoot good band phtotos” and they usually had a line saying “Don’t forget the drummer”. Which I sort of had done. This took us back to the rehearsal studio on a sunday afternoon.

After re-shooting those we tried for some ‘James Dean style’ photos in the street outside the rehearsal studio. I felt that the James Dean look would be a good match with Thomas’ look.

James Dean in Times Square by Dennis Stock 1955

After I got home in front of the computer I found out that Thomas makes his own music as well. After listening to a few songs I realised that the photos we had taken in the street really matched his style of music.

So I suggested I could make a slideshow of those images to go with his song, mixed with some of the images in my “Moody Oslo” series that I am working on. And Thomas said ‘yes’.  (He said ‘YESSSSS!’)
We decided on his song called ‘Watching the Stars’.  The song is about two people who are sort of in their own worlds not realising that the other person has been there all the time.

After a while we simultaneously had come to the conclusion that perhaps we could also tell a story with the images.  So we introduced a young lady and started shooting for a purpose. I am used to walking the streets photographing whatever shows up but now it changed to a whole different type of photography. Costumes. Props. A big change for me!

And for each image, the question – “What are we trying to say with this image”. And one of the scenes will be about the main character lying in bed, dreaming about her. And she is also in the same situation, dreaming of him. They both do not realise that the other person has actually been there all the time. It is just about opening your eyes and see.

I don’t know if you can still follow me, but I then photographed from a step ladder onto the living room floor where we had placed a duvet from which they could ‘watch the stars’. The idea is to have them both in the same spot, and later have the portraits blend into each other in the final slideshow.

This video is showing the process of shooting just those two portraits of two young sad-sad-sad people. :-) Hope this makes sense!

We don’t have a deadline for our project but I will post the final video when we get there. And perhaps some more moments worth sharing will show up on the way :-)

For now we are just enjoying the journey.

If you would like to listen to more of Thomas Hafstads music you can find it on his ‘Band Page’ tab on his Facebook Page here:


6 Responses to “One thing leads to another”

  1. Marjan says:

    This is a wonderful challenge, Eli! Looking forward to see the final video.

  2. Rosa says:

    Love it.
    Although, to be honest, I feel a lot closer to Jefrrey’s “I hate you”! ;-)

  3. Eli R. says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing now, Rosa :-)
    Thank you both.

  4. It reminds me a bit of Godley and Creme’s “Cry” video:

  5. Eli R. says:

    I have a vague idea I have seen this one before, Jeffrey. But I must have been very young :-)

  6. Kristin says:

    Dette liker jeg veldig, veldig godt. Kult prosjekt! Jeg også gleder meg til å se sluttresultatet. Bra jobba!

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