Picking the Moment

When in Italy in May Jay and I also went to Verona. I’d seen the Elliott Erwitt exhibition and suddenly saw dogs everywhere.
It was a quite windy Sunday morning. i had already noticed these two guys approaching each other. Or rather the dogs pulling the two men in.

I chose the final image as my “moment” but actually feel a bit unsure as to whether one of the two other images actually should have been “The One”.

3 Responses to “Picking the Moment”

  1. Ian Mylam says:

    I agree – definitely number 3. Strongest graphic, strongest composition. Great shot.

  2. Eli R. says:

    Thank you, Ian!

  3. Basel Chakour says:

    well yes the 3rd one, specially that it really gives the feeling of a windy day which you can see as the umbrella is slipping away from the guy’s hand

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