Chasing Reflections – e-book published today

Chasing Reflections - e-book published today

Tweet I am happy to share that my e-book “Chasing Reflections” is available on Craft & Vision today. In this book I explain the techniques behind my reflection images. —- An introduction to the work and techniques of Eli Reinholdtsen. Learn to use the juxtaposition of reflections and timing to create unlikely stories, and capture […]

Yay! My Blurb book "Folk" is out!

Tweet Finally! I hope you like it and if so, that you will recommend it to your friends. David duChemin, author of the Amazon bestseller “Within the Frame” has been generous enough to write the foreword. “There is simply so much to see in Eli’s work, and all of it tells a story rooted in […]

Craft & Vision

Tweet I’ve found these e-books very inspiring. $5 per book is a manageable price.Go to read about the upcoming book  Below the Horizon  HERE

Drawing the Eye – new e-book from David duChemin out now for $5

Tweet David duChemins latest e-book is released and you can buy it HERE.As some of you may know, I am a big fan of David duChemins work. He released Within the Frame earlier this year and that book is one of my favourites. David preaches about “Gear is good – Vision is better”. I was lucky […]

Within The Frame

Tweet I would like to recommend this book! For the how an why on taking pictures. It can be ordered on You can read a pdf with a sample from the book at Do read The Travel Photographers review HERE. The Wandering Photographer calls it the photo book of the year HERE.

The Photographer’s Eye

Tweet I am truly fascinated by books that help me “seeing” pictures. To understand when they work and when they don’t. The Photographer’s Eye av Michael Freeman is to me the ultimate book on composition. Photography changed completely for me after reading this book. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Digital Photo Magazine

Tweet This is my favourite magazine for learning new techniques. The CDs with the video tutorials are really good and you can find more video tutorials here.

Outdoor Photography

Tweet If you enjoy shooting Landscapes you might enjoy Outdoor Photography.