Pocket Wizards

Tweet I finally invested in radio triggers for my flashes. So this image is from my first assignment with the new triggers. When using the flash off-camera you can either use a cable, infra-red or radio signals. The spiral cable that also transmits the aperture, shutter speed and ISO is simply not long enough. The […]

Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

Tweet A circular polariser is a must for landscape photography. I just read about the “Gold-N-Blue Polarizer” and I guess I have to do some landscapes again soon. :-)  Read the Sing-Ray blog about this filter. Singh-Ray Blog

Get your flash off the camera

Tweet I recently read that the best gift to give to your flash was an off-camera shoe cord. This is Canons version. You can get it at Warehouse express for £50.For this picture I held the flash under the camera.

A landscape shot shopping list

Tweet I am not shoting many empty landscapes these days but this is the equipment I would typically use with the old Canon 400D. Wide Angle lens, typically a Sigma 10-20 mmTripod or gorillapod ND grad filters and filter holderAdapter ringAngle finder Circular Polariser filterHotshoe Spirit levelCable or wireless remote control A reflector if the […]