Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Tweet I went out to my local beach this weekend. I love going there in the winter, partly because there are so few people around, but also because the sunsets are often very beautiful this time of year if the forecast says partly cloudy. The sun sets around 3PM now. And sometimes I get close encounters with swans. […]

A Quiet Day at Hukodden

Tweet Oslos most crowded beach in the summertime but blissfully quiet in the winter. I’ve done lots of landscape photography in this area when I first seriously took up photography two years ago. I do like a little life in the landscape. Next time I’ll bring some bread for the swans instead of pretending to. […]

Blue Sky

Tweet Winter brings amazing sunsets. Clear skies also bring cold days, like the -10 C below outside as I write this :-) This is an other shot from the rampant of Akershus Fortress in Oslo. The composition rule called “Rule of thirds” is about drawing two vertical lines and two horisontal lines across the image, […]

Autumn Colours


Composing a landscape picture

Tweet A good landscape picture has something of interes in the foreground, middle and background. In my opinion a picture of a beautiful sunset alone is not a landscape picture. It’s a snapshot. A good landscape picture needs to be composed carefully. The rule of thirds suggest you put your horizon line a third from […]