Reflected Sunlight

Reflected Sunlight

Tweet I love it when the sun is at that specific angle where the light is reflected back on the building across the street. I love the soft light it creates in the street.

Some Light Confusion

Some Light Confusion

The woman passing by is lit up by the reflection from the window.

Can’t help it!

Can't help it!

Reflections when you least expect it.

Repetition as a compositional element

Repetition as a compositional element

Tweet  Repetition of shape is said to be a strong element in composition, as the eye will wander from one to the other.  It is one of the things I am looking for when walking around town with the camera. I’ve had a bit of an overdose of photography lately, as I’ve been working intensely […]

Madonna and…my dad

Madonna dad

A framed print behind glass can be used for creating reflections.

Chasing Reflections – e-book published today

Chasing Reflections - e-book published today

Tweet I am happy to share that my e-book “Chasing Reflections” is available on Craft & Vision today. In this book I explain the techniques behind my reflection images. —- An introduction to the work and techniques of Eli Reinholdtsen. Learn to use the juxtaposition of reflections and timing to create unlikely stories, and capture […]

Location Scouting

Location Scouting

Tweet I noticed this window earlier, but the light wasn’t right. So I went back at a different time of day to see if the light would be better. But actually I need to come back on a Sunday when shops are closed and there should be no cars parked on the street. I hate […]

Stairwell with Curved Glass

Stairwell with Curved Glass

Tweet I often pass this glass stairwell walking home from town and if the light is right I can get some fun shots.

When in Rome…

Tweet I won’t claim to have “done as the Romans” but we had some fun at the Colosseum! There was not enough light to see a reflection of Trond but we solved it by using the flash light function on his cell phone. That is how only his eye can be lit and the rest of […]

Reflection in broken glass

Tweet I chase reflections. Everywhere. All the time. This one is a bit tricky to decifer so I am adding a photo of the window I used. The sun was coming in from the right and I shot from the left.

Rainy Venice

Tweet Roaming around Venice with Jeffrey Chapman and David DuChemin after discussing “motion” makes you look at the city with fresh eyes. Water also allows opportunities for my favourite subject, reflections. I usually shoot in RAW + small jpg’s and often set the picture style to Monochrome on dull days. When Jeffrey saw this shot […]

Window Reflections

Tweet This is another mix of showroom dummies and shoppers. I try to find a street where the sun shines straight in. The sun should not be at an angle so that the shop window is lit, but it is okay if the shops across the street are lit up. I position myself so that […]

On Reflection

Tweet Sometimes when a window consists of several pieces of glass, they are at an angle and you can see the same object reflected twice in the window.

Boat Reflections

Tweet More fun with reflections in the water of Oslo harbour basin. The top image is flipped horisontally and 180 degrees.In the second image I was fascinated by the ripples.the third image is the reflection of a ferry, flipped vertically. You can see the trees on top of the rampant of Akerhus Fortress.

Rope Swing

Tweet We spent New Year’s Eve with friends in Devon, and this image is from a walk along a riverside. It shows trees reflected in a pond, and a rope swing hanging from above. I made it a point to place the swing in an “empty” area of the image.

The value of light

Tweet The sunbeams hit the water, and evening light is reflected back onto the hull of the boat. When scouting for interesting reflections try to pick a location where your main subject is lit up by the sun, or by artificial light.



Reflections in layers

Tweet I like to add multiple “layers” in my images and three layers is usually what I im for. In the first image the woman is looking straight at me in a mirror inside a shop. Her face is also reflected in the window glass itself, and the back of her head is reflected in […]

Reflections in Metal

Tweet The first image shows the Nobel Peace centre by Aker Brygge, Oslo. The second shot is a doble reflection from an antiques shop in Greenwich, London.

Reflections in Cars

Tweet It is fun to capture reflections in car windows and bonnets. If two planes are at an angle with each other you can capture two different versions of the same subject in the same image. Remember to set your focus on the house (in this case) and not the car. You may also like […]

Reflections in Puddles

Tweet You need:1) A puddle2) A sunny dayThese reflections work best when the sun lights up your subject. Move around the puddle until you see your subject reflected in the puddle. This time it ment a very low viewpoint, like 30 cm above the ground. Focus on the building. Check your historgram because you may […]

Zebra Crossing

Tweet These are two images from the same location. The top image with the reflected house is turned upside down to give the impression that the zebra crossing extends across both images.

Yay! Came in 2nd yesterday!

Tweet  I came in 2nd yesterday in the “Picture of the week” competition in OSLO KAMERA KLUBB. In the digital category for Photographer of the Year I am currently ranked 3rd with 8 points, with my friend Kristin ahead of me on 2nd with 10 points. A few more rounds to go :-) When I first photographed this […]

The Buddha Obsession

Tweet When I look through my files I have to smile at how many different angles and times of day I have managed to capture this Buddha. This shot is taken from a very low angle to position the head of the Buddha in the top right corner of the frame. In Photoshop the important steps […]