In search of good light

In search of good light

Tweet I have just spent a whole week in New York with some of my photography friends. I have never been there before. In fact I have only been to the US once , in a wedding in Minnesota close to fifteen years ago. Travelling west from Europe brings one advantage – you wake up […]

Some Light Confusion

Some Light Confusion

The woman passing by is lit up by the reflection from the window.

Repetition as a compositional element

Repetition as a compositional element

Tweet  Repetition of shape is said to be a strong element in composition, as the eye will wander from one to the other.  It is one of the things I am looking for when walking around town with the camera. I’ve had a bit of an overdose of photography lately, as I’ve been working intensely […]

Shadow Play

Tweet I love anything that has to do with shadows and silhouettes! Here I chose a vantage point that allowed me to shoot straight agains the sun. This gives better control of the shadows. Better than shooting from the side.

Stairs and Shadows

Tweet When I got home I discovered that one of the lamps in the staircase was not working, and an extra set of shadows was the result.

Suitcases and Shadows

Tweet This image was taken at Oslo Airport last summer. The late evening sun was facing the travellers and thus casting long shadows. I was standing on a bridge above them,  shooting like a madwoman and trying to get my single focus point to hit the head of the unsuspecting travellers. Yesterday I came in […]

A night at the Opera

Tweet A preview from my new series.

The Brain is Alone

Tweet A band that had a concert in Oslo tonight has a song called Hjernen er alene, which literally means The brain is alone. I asked the people who set up the light for this dog – if it was for some reason? The lady explained that the dog was called The Brain. And was […]

Shadows & Light at Aker Brygge

Tweet The first shot is of people coming off a bridge. The second shot is a cyclist standing on a “brick lump” and his shadow falls towards me. The images have been given different split toning presets in Photoshop, and of course  flipped upside down. Aker Brygge is a great place for photographing shadows, due […]

Repeating Objects

Tweet One thing to look for when composing pictures is repeating objects. I discovered the lady in the painting inside the window and waited patiently until I could also include the reflection of the woman passing behind me, and also her shadow.

Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Tweet The camera is not capable of seeing the same range of light as the eye. For that reason you get shots where the bright is too bright, and the dark is too dark. This picture can serve as an example. I wanted to capture the details of the granite floor where the light from […]

Wall of gold

Tweet If you have been on the roof of the opera house you will have noticed that the colour of the wall is closer to silver than gold. Two elemens contribute to the golden colour. The first is that these images are taken at sunset. The low sun coming in from the side is of […]

“Jump!” discussed in podcast

Tweet My favourite photography author is creating a series of 20 podcasts. In episode 14 he discusses my picture “Jump!”. The picture is taken on the roof of the new operahouse in Oslo. The sun comes in from the side, which is why the two shadows to the left are almost mirror images of the […]

When you least expect it

Tweet The low sun placed a shadow on the wall.

The Cone Heads in Digital SLR Photography Magazine

Tweet I was pleasantly surprised when digital SLR Photography contacted me and asked if they could print this picture in the March 2009 edition of the magazine. Yes, Yes, Yes please! The picture was taken an early morning in Ullevålsveien in Oslo. The sun was very low and the street was wet. Probably because the […]