Out sketching…

Out sketching...

Tweet This metro station is one of my favorites. I was out in the snow and wind today but took some time inside the station to warm up again. What I want to work further on is the reflection in the ceiling, the reflections on each side, and perhaps a lower viewpoint and to try […]

Akershus Fortress… again

Akershus Fortress... again

Tweet I am lucky to live close to the fortress and often stop by when I’m out walking in town. Especially if there are wind and clouds nice patterns may appear. The first image was taken just after a storm, and the second inbetween showers on a different day. I started stepping backwards as I […]

Repetition as a compositional element

Repetition as a compositional element

Tweet  Repetition of shape is said to be a strong element in composition, as the eye will wander from one to the other.  It is one of the things I am looking for when walking around town with the camera. I’ve had a bit of an overdose of photography lately, as I’ve been working intensely […]

Shadow Play

Tweet I love anything that has to do with shadows and silhouettes! Here I chose a vantage point that allowed me to shoot straight agains the sun. This gives better control of the shadows. Better than shooting from the side.

At the Gallery

Tweet Soline Four Two Many

Blue Sky

Tweet Winter brings amazing sunsets. Clear skies also bring cold days, like the -10 C below outside as I write this :-) This is an other shot from the rampant of Akershus Fortress in Oslo. The composition rule called “Rule of thirds” is about drawing two vertical lines and two horisontal lines across the image, […]

Silhouettes in the Sunset

Tweet This time of year the sun rises at approximately nine in the morning and sets at three. We only have six hours of daylight now. This also implies that the sun sets in a completely different place than in the summer. From Oslo Town Hall you can view the sunset on a clear day […]

Akershus fortress – the rampant

Tweet I selected a”Sunny” white balance to get the crisp clear blue. Also remember to set the focus point on the silhouettes and underexpose by 1-2 stops, to ensure that you get sharp silhouettes and avoid a burnt-out sky. For the second-to-last shot I have converted to b/wh and then tinted the image. The last one […]

Autumn Colours


Sunset at Akershus Fortress

Tweet This type of shot you achieve by exposing for the sky. Underexpose by 1-2 stops and check your histogram. Use only one focus point and it must be set on the people to get a sharp silhouette. A low camera angle is important – here I was on my knees in the mud.