Travel Photography versus Street Photography

Travel Photography versus Street Photography

Tweet I love discussing photography in various forums on the web. It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn, although som of the discussions can tend to get heated. I try to phrase my comment so that it comes across as a personal opinion and not as I own any truth. I feel I learn the most […]

First Snowfall

First Snowfall

Tweet This winter was not a very snowy one and now it is the end of march and it is actually over. I did get a few ‘Oslo in Winter’ shots that I was happy with, and this is one of them. This was photographed early December. Although I knew from the forecast it was going […]

That Cold Blue Look…?

That Cold Blue Look...?

Tweet On request I am sharing how I get that cold blue look in my Oslo in Winter series. The technique I have used is called Split Toning. I love the cold feel of using blue for toning instead of Sepia, for example. When it comes to Lightroom  I am on a learning path. I […]

Some sort of motion blur

Some sort of motion blur

Tweet I like shooting everywhere. A photographer who visited us in the club some time back, Finn Krogvig, showed us some images he had decided to call Speedscapes, as he had found no other name for them. Jeffrey Chapman suggested “antipanning” which I have tried to google without success. The idea is that you are […]

Coloured shadows

Coloured shadows

Tweet I sometimes stop by this ice rink down town on the way home in the evenings. I am fascinated by the different colour temperatures of the lights, casting blue and yellow shadows. I like using a slow shutter speed like 1/30 secs and then panning the skaters.

Some Light Confusion

Some Light Confusion

The woman passing by is lit up by the reflection from the window.

More on Motion Blur

Tweet My new friend Jeffrey Chapman pointed out that in a picture with motion he would actually like to see some motion. My first instinck here was to try panning but instead I tried to stand completely still and instead freeze the background. I think the shutter speed was 1/30 second. Or at least -ish […]

Confessions of a Photographer

Tweet I came across some tutorials about using off-camera flash on Youtube. The photographer is Bert Stephani.This is the first video, you can find the rest on youtube.

Techniques for creating blur in your images

Tweet Digital Photography Shool has a very interesting article on how to use blur creatively. Photo by Jeff Kubina Photo by Mr.Bones Their article about the weekend challenge contains links to a lot of interesting articles about different techniques to try out.Read it HERE.

Memories of Brighton

Tweet The beach in Brighton is a popular place for people to walk the dog. Facing south – the sun rises and sets on each side of the beach at the spring and mid-autumn solstice. The West Pier has been distroyed by two fires, the latest in 2003. With only the skeleton left it is an […]

Let There be Light

Tweet This sunday was spent on a workshop using studio light. We worked with two models and this is Jeanette from Dream Models in Oslo. Anette was the makeup-artist.Combining the afternoon sky with the studio light fascinated me in the first image, and in the second image I used an angle that would show the […]

On where to set your focus

Tweet For both of these images I have chosen to set the focus on the glass I am shooting through, and not what you actually see ouside the window or in the reflection. One tip is to try and hold the camera pointing 90 degrees onto the glass. For the image with the reflection this […]

Escalators and Moving Walks

Tweet I was fascinated by an image I found on flickr, showing a person standing still on a moving walk, while the world was flowing by. The inspiration has led to these images. One from the Gardermoen airport, with the camera on the moving walk, and two from the west escalators at Nationaltheatret train station. […]

Another Tram

Tweet It was snowing in Oslo on monday night – which inspired me to browse through some earlier winter shots. This image is taken with slow shutter speed – I think it was 1/25 seconds – while I was panning the moving tram with the camera. The slow shutter speed and the wet March snow accounted for the snow […]

Painting with Light

Tweet A sneak preview from last night with the Foto Femme girls. We were trying out the painting with light technique. This image is taken with a 30 second shutter speed and a flashlight, in a completely dark room. The challenge is managing to sit still…. some room for improvement I guess :-)

Tram trip through Oslo

Tweet The first image shows the tram I am sitting on, reflected in the front window of the bus behind it. The second image is taken at a slow shutter speed as the tram turns, so only the couple to the right is sharp. The third image is a baby on a passing tram. I […]

Repeating Colour


The Ninjas are coming

Tweet If your pictures look really grainy when you use a high ISO, there is a solution to your problem… Noise Ninja.

Lead-in lines

Tweet Creating depth in an image can be done by using lead-in lines to draw the eye into the picture.

Dark Streets

Tweet Taking pictures at night require a high ISO and your images will most likely be quite grainy, which again often makes a good b/wh. I love taking pictures in the streets at night, using only the street lights or lights from cars driving by. One trick you can use if you are not fond […]

Choosing a high or a low viewpoint

Tweet After capturing the first shot I wondered if the scene would look better from a lower angle. Even if the silhouette of the man is easy to interpret in both pictures I ended up with the first shot as my favourite. You see more of the boats on the left, and his head still […]

Reflections in Puddles

Tweet You need:1) A puddle2) A sunny dayThese reflections work best when the sun lights up your subject. Move around the puddle until you see your subject reflected in the puddle. This time it ment a very low viewpoint, like 30 cm above the ground. Focus on the building. Check your historgram because you may […]

City Speedscapes

Tweet The inspiration for these images came from the photographer Finn Krogvig who visited Oslo Kamera Klubb. He is fascinated by taking images from the train window while travelling. When he sees something interesting through his lens he turns fast and tries to keep the focus on for example a house. In turning, swirls are created around the […]

Yay! Came in 2nd yesterday!

Tweet  I came in 2nd yesterday in the “Picture of the week” competition in OSLO KAMERA KLUBB. In the digital category for Photographer of the Year I am currently ranked 3rd with 8 points, with my friend Kristin ahead of me on 2nd with 10 points. A few more rounds to go :-) When I first photographed this […]