In search of good light

In search of good light

Tweet I have just spent a whole week in New York with some of my photography friends. I have never been there before. In fact I have only been to the US once , in a wedding in Minnesota close to fifteen years ago. Travelling west from Europe brings one advantage – you wake up […]

Meeting Giuseppe

Meeting Giuseppe

Tweet Through the Within-the-Frame-Photographic-Adventures with Jeffrey and David I have met a lot of other crazy obsessed photographers, and i am just back from a few days in Italy, staying outside Venice with my friend Jay who lives there now. A mini-reunion with Marjan and Luciano was also on the menu. Like a reunion of […]

Meet Navy

Meet Navy

Tweet Navy was our guide in Cambodia. He loved telling stories on the bus, using the microphone. I think it was Jeffrey who asked, “So why are you always so happy, Navy?” The answer made my jaw drop. “We have peace after thirty years of war, how can I NOT be happy?” One of Navy’s […]

The barber in Lucca

The barber in Lucca

Tweet I guess it is no surprise that I like barber shops, as they are full of mirrors! I passed this very busy barber shop in Lucca, and was trying to nod “Buongiorno” in the door and point at my camera to suggest I shoot an image from the doorway. I thought I got a […]

I heart Lucca

I heart Lucca

Tweet Knowing that David was in good hands, we set off to Lucca. The beauty of this little town made me speachless and one evening while the rest of the team endulged in wine tasting I just walked around town alone. Well never alone of course, the camera is always with me. Late in the […]

Framed in Pisa

Framed in Pisa

Tweet Huge thanks for the get-well wishes for David I will make sure he reads them. Jeffrey Chapman wrote a more detailed explanation on his blog so read that for further details. I was not the only one thinking he should not jump over that wall but hopefully he will not press charges for me encouraging […]

Week-end at Väderöarna

Week-end at Väderöarna

Tweet Last weekend was spent on the Swedish west coast with my younger brother. The age difference between us is less than a year and I guess that makes us pseudo-twins according to popular psychology! Väderoärna, or “Væderøarna”, as I would write it in Norwegian, is a popular destination for sailors. The name translates to […]

Oslo Kamera Klubb – Autumn Competition

Oslo Kamera Klubb - Autumn Competition

Tweet The last camera club meeting of the year has passed.  It is one of the highlights of the year as we go through the results from the competitions that has been held this year. In the Autumn Competition I got a 2nd Prize with “The Receptionist”. The image was taken in Venice in May […]

A view from above

A view from above

Tweet Not many new images are captured at present as I am writing on an e-book. Browsing through my archive for that purpose, brought back this image. I was walking around Camogli just to see if I could discover some interesting scenes, as I looked over the edge of what appeared to be a roof-top […]

Pigeons at the Piazza

Tweet From Piazza Navona in Rome earlier this year. I was fascinated by the dramatic expressions of the statues, and the pigeons showing no respect whatsoever. Sometimes when I start shooting in a new location it takes a little time to “warm up” and then pigeons or seagulls are easy targets.

Venice… again

Tweet I’ve used a split toning gradient map preset for the post processing.

Italy Within the Frame 2010

Tweet Images by David duChemin Italy has “grabbed” my heart after a recent workshop. One of our workshop leaders, David duChemin, created a slideshow of his images from the trip, and you can either see it from this LINK or better from his blog post HERE.

When in Rome…

Tweet I won’t claim to have “done as the Romans” but we had some fun at the Colosseum! There was not enough light to see a reflection of Trond but we solved it by using the flash light function on his cell phone. That is how only his eye can be lit and the rest of […]

Gondoliers in Venice

Tweet Not having been to Venice since I was twelve, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve read stories that the only people left in town were the tourists, and that it was incrediby expensive. I wondered how the people who actually worked there would react to us taking pictures. The clue is to ask, […]

Rainy Venice

Tweet Roaming around Venice with Jeffrey Chapman and David DuChemin after discussing “motion” makes you look at the city with fresh eyes. Water also allows opportunities for my favourite subject, reflections. I usually shoot in RAW + small jpg’s and often set the picture style to Monochrome on dull days. When Jeffrey saw this shot […]


Tweet I was fascinated by how the colour of the reflection balanced the boat. Usually you would want space in front of a moving boat but I bended the rule because of the visual mass top right, created by the yellow colour.

Gone sailing

Tweet The sailing bit of Musto Millet Ski Yachting took place in Oslo today.  I went out with my local sailing club. The wind disappeared after two races, though. But I love the reflections so I didn’t really mind. I think the light is really beautiful when it shines through dark clouds.

Oslo from Above

Tweet Norway is sort of closed from Wednesday through Monday for the Easter Holiday. But I have a friend who  worked overtime in an empty office. And she let me come for a visit with my camera.

Tourist in my home town

Tweet Sometimes all it takes is to put on my “tourist glasses” to spot a “new” location. This type of architectural image I find adifficult to keep free of barrel distortion and converging verticals.The filter I use in Photoshop is Filter -> Distort -> Lens Correction.

Bognor Regis


Memories of Brighton

Tweet The beach in Brighton is a popular place for people to walk the dog. Facing south – the sun rises and sets on each side of the beach at the spring and mid-autumn solstice. The West Pier has been distroyed by two fires, the latest in 2003. With only the skeleton left it is an […]

Blue Sky

Tweet Winter brings amazing sunsets. Clear skies also bring cold days, like the -10 C below outside as I write this :-) This is an other shot from the rampant of Akershus Fortress in Oslo. The composition rule called “Rule of thirds” is about drawing two vertical lines and two horisontal lines across the image, […]

View from the Rampant

Tweet The Akershus Fortress is right next to the town hall. The rampant is a good spot for a picnic or just an evening view of the harbour. These images were taken yesterday. It was a cold clear day with a hint of frost.

Maasai Mother and Daughter

Tweet The Maasai are one of the largest of the 42 tribes in Kenya. On a recent trip we went to visit a quarry that had been “transformed” into a village inhabited by representatives of some of the tribes. We saw the different types of houses they lived in. A mother and her daughter lives […]