First Snowfall

First Snowfall

Tweet This winter was not a very snowy one and now it is the end of march and it is actually over. I did get a few ‘Oslo in Winter’ shots that I was happy with, and this is one of them. This was photographed early December. Although I knew from the forecast it was going […]

That Cold Blue Look…?

That Cold Blue Look...?

Tweet On request I am sharing how I get that cold blue look in my Oslo in Winter series. The technique I have used is called Split Toning. I love the cold feel of using blue for toning instead of Sepia, for example. When it comes to Lightroom  I am on a learning path. I […]

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue

Tweet I’m a sucker for street lamps! Especially when I can find lamps next to each other that have different color temperatures. I love this part of Oslo, one of the areas where they built a lot of buildings at the same time. Around 1890-95. I hope this area stays like this forever and that […]

Coloured shadows

Coloured shadows

Tweet I sometimes stop by this ice rink down town on the way home in the evenings. I am fascinated by the different colour temperatures of the lights, casting blue and yellow shadows. I like using a slow shutter speed like 1/30 secs and then panning the skaters.

A Snowy Day in Oslo


Winter in Oslo

Tweet Downtown Oslo today. It was windy and snowing and very cold, so not very many people were out shopping. I added a sepia layer that seems to have turned a bit pink when saving for web. Any clue on why that sometimes happen, let me know :-)

Ice Skaters

Tweet This ice rink is lit by floodlights from different angles. Playing with split toning made the different coloured shadows stand out more.


Tweet The bubbles stood out best with the light coming in from the side.

Frozen Harbour


Gone Fishing


Smoke on the Water

Tweet With minus 20 degrees Celsius I am surprised that the water in Oslo Harbour has not frozen. Instead there is this fascinating swirling frost smoke that really stands out when it is shot agains the setting sun. It can almost look like waves but the sea is flat. The green to the right is […]

Escaping Oslo

Tweet Most of the shoppers have vanished by the 24th, since this is our big night with the Christmas dinner and opening of presents. I had some last minute shopping to do and brought the camera. The temperature has gone up again, which makes the snow heavy and wet and perhaps more visible. This image […]

Another Tram

Tweet It was snowing in Oslo on monday night – which inspired me to browse through some earlier winter shots. This image is taken with slow shutter speed – I think it was 1/25 seconds – while I was panning the moving tram with the camera. The slow shutter speed and the wet March snow accounted for the snow […]



A snowy evening

Tweet This is another example of how your choice of white balance can add to the mood of an image. The snow in the foreground is more blue than white. “Correcting” the white balance would completely have ruined the mood in this image.

The colour of light

Tweet During the winter months it is dark when I come home from work, but I still love to go out and make use of available light.Light comes in many colours. When the light comes from different sources, with differen colour temperatures I usually shoot in Raw. In this picture the street lamp that lit […]

Let the Snow Show

Tweet In this image the snow is very visible, snowing sideways into the picture. On a windy day it can be tempting to stand with your back against the wind, but the snow is more visible if you turn 90 degrees and stand with your shoulder against the wind. Try out slow(er) shutter speeds. The slower […]