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October 2012:
“Spray Painting” goes to Paris:

Collective exhibition in Paris:  with the Norwegian Photographic Society (www.nsff.no) Oct 25th 2012 – Jan 25th 2013
I am participating with the blue & yellow image of my local playground being changed to an ice rink for the winter.

Collective exhibition in Oslo: “First Snowfall” is exhibited in Kunstpassasjen in the metro station Jernbanetorget in Oslo. The exhibition is with the Oslo Kamera Klubb and opens on October 30th and lasts until the end of December. The subject is “On Track” (“På Skinner” in Norwegian.)


September 2012: Winner in the 4th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award:


July 2012: Interviewed by Ethno Traveler Magazine


June 2012 :
Collective Exhibition
Two images chosen by the Norwegian Photographic Society for their 85 year aniversary and the exhibition at Preus Museum in Horten south of Oslo.
“Spray Painting” and “Jump” was selected from the awarded images in the last 85 years.



March 2012: Finalist in the 3rd edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award:

Category Street Photography and City Scapes

First Snowfall by Eli Reinholdtsen

First Snowfall by Eli Reinholdtsen

The Royal Palace by Eli Reinholdtsen

The Royal Palace by Eli Reinholdtsen

2012-03 JMC3 Finalists-300px

March 2012: FOTOGRAFI Magazine, Norway – Issue 02-2012.

FOTOGRAFI publishes one image from one of their readers in each of the six annual issues.  The magazine is the second largest photography magazine in Scandinavia.

“The photo is from Oslo and we recognize the tram, the snowy weather and the typical Oslo mood. It is strange how a photograph can bring out so many memories and associations for dedicated Oslo inhabitants. But it is a good photograph anyway.” 

Click on the image to see the full pdf of the printed magazine article.

Fotografi Magazine Issue 02-2012 Reader Image

View the full web article on their home page HERE.


January 2012: FOTOGRAFI Magazine, Norway – Issue 01-2012.

FOTOGRAFI published an article about five Norwegian female photographers invited to exhibit in Argentina throgh the WPGA (World Photography Gala Awards).

“The Wordwide Photography Gala Awards (WPGA) is an international organization which annually arranges several photography competitions under the same umbrella. Among them are the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Jacob Riis Award, and the Pollux awards. Five Norwegian women have participated the last few years and achieved both prizes and honorable mentions. They have now been invited to exhibit in a biennale exhibition in Buenos Aires. The exhibition is showing selected images from the last two years of competitions.
The exhibition Worldwide Photography Biennal Exhibition opens January 19th this year and will be open until February 17th. Then all images at the exhibition will be presented in an auction where the money will go to ”Save the Children” and the ”Foundation for the Comprehensive Treatment of Children Neurological Diseases” (FLENI). The arrangement is supported by the Argentinian Culture Department and a row of embassies, among them the Norwegian Embassy.
The five Norwegian photographers are: Eli Ohren, Ragne Sigmond, Elin Høyland, Helene Fjell and Eli Reinholdtsen. They have as mentioned been awarded in 2010 and 2011, and invited by a professional jury to participate.
The venue is the Borges Cultural centre in Buenos Aires and is said to be a media event in Argentina and following from that a nice chapter on the five photographers’ CV’s. We congratulate them.”

Biennale 2012 Buenos AiresClick on the image to see the full pdf of the printed magazine article.


December 2011 : Craft and Vision – The Free e-book

David DuChemin announces it on his blog and I am one of the contributors:

Craft and Vision - Free

Basically it consists of eleven free articles by eight photography authors, and you can read about it and download it from the Craft and Vision home page, a direct link to the book is found HERE. The reason I was invited to write the article is because my e-book Chasing Reflections is issued on Craft and Vision.



May 2011:  Julia Margaret Cameron Award – 2nd Edition:
One 1st prize (shared) and one Honorable mention

To see all the winning images click HERE to go to the announcement page or HERE to see the screen grab.

Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2nd Edition - Category Landscapes and Citiscapes - 1st Prize shared - Spray PaintingJulia Margaret Cameron Award 2nd Edition - Category Children - Honorable Mention - Shepherd Boy




April 2011:  Interviewed by Andrew S Gibson.

Andrew is a freelance writer. He specialises in writing about photography and his clients include EOS magazine, Craft & Vision and Peachpit Press.

Andrew S Gibson interviews Eli Reinholdtsen Author of Chasing Reflections

To read the interview, click HERE.


March 2011:  Gold Award in the WPGA Portraits and People Contest.

WPGA Portraits and People 2011 Gold Award The Boy from Vika

Click on the screen grab below to go to the full list of awardees.

WPGA Portraits and People 2011 Announcement

Fotografi.no also presented an article about the Norwegian awardees, you can find it HERE.

January 2011: FOTOGRAFI Magazine, Norway – Issue 01-2011.

A double spread because I won their POTY award 2010.

FOTOGRAFI Magazine - POTY 2010 - Eli Reinholdtsen
“It was the first time Eli Reinholdtsen participated in the Photographer of the Year competition (2010) but she managed no less than to win it. With only one point above the runner-up actually, but fully deserved. There lives a lot of talent in Eli Reinholdtsen.
Eli has not photographed for very long. It was only three years ago she decided to get serious about her photography – alongside her job as change advisor for the Norwegian Armed Forces. She very early seeked the company of the other photographers in Oslo Camera Club, and she has learned a lot from her membership there.
She was also very active early to upload her photos on the web to get comments and critique from fellow photography students. It surely helped when starting up but now she has come so far that the inspiration is looked for elsewhere.
One of her inspirations has been workshops with the canadian photographer David duChemin, first in Venice and last autumn in Nepal. She praises duChemin and he praises her work.
Taken into view he short time Eli has been a photographer, duChemin keeps up his admiration for her work. ”An incredible eye” he says, and you understand that fast when you see her work. Eli has a superior eye, which is fuelled by an intense curiosity. She says herself that her background in computer science and logisitics have honed her attention to detail. And many of Elis photographs contains exactly the details and the surprise of a moment. Her photography is neither tense nor manic. The images are simple but at times wonderfully full of details.
We are printing here some of her images from Nepal, where duChemins workshop focussed especially on how a working photographer should establish contact with his or her subjects.
Eli has grown fast as a photographer but are not thinking about leaving her job to establish herself as a photographer. She has enough time for further development.”


December 2010 : A Shoebox of Images – Interview by Sabrina Henry

Interview by Sabrina HenryClick on the image to read the interview on Sabrina Henrys blog.


July 2010 : The 5$ e-book called “Chasing Reflections”

After a workshop where i shamelessly asked David duChemin to write a foreword for my Blurb book “Folk”, he invited me to write an e-book on how I shoot reflections.

Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen

Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen

David writes the story on his blog HERE. And you can find the direct link to the e-book HERE.  Below the introduction text you find the customer reviews. Here is one of them:

Chasing Reflections - Review_________________________________________________________________________________

May 2010 : “Folk” on Blurb

August 2009: – Image discussions (podcasts)