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Madonna and…my dad

Madonna dad

A framed print behind glass can be used for creating reflections.

Repeating Colour


Lead-in lines

Tweet Creating depth in an image can be done by using lead-in lines to draw the eye into the picture.

Choosing a high or a low viewpoint

Tweet After capturing the first shot I wondered if the scene would look better from a lower angle. Even if the silhouette of the man is easy to interpret in both pictures I ended up with the first shot as my favourite. You see more of the boats on the left, and his head still […]

Autumn Colours

Tweet Just a grab shot on my way back from work yesterday. I love how the green bicycle blends in with the grass and the red Ivy. Green and red is compositionwise perceived as a good combination. I used a low viewpoint to make the bike stand out better, which perhaps is not obvious. A wide […]

Repeating Objects

Tweet One thing to look for when composing pictures is repeating objects. I discovered the lady in the painting inside the window and waited patiently until I could also include the reflection of the woman passing behind me, and also her shadow.

After and Before – Vignette and Split Toning

Tweet A little fun in Photoshop! I straightened the horizon and cropped the image to a square format. One composition rule says that if people are walking from the left to the right in the frame they are perceived to be on their way to something. If they are walking from the right to the […]

Oooooh…. Imbalance!

Tweet I’ll admit, this is a picture I am a bit reluctant to show you but it helps pointing out the one single composition rule that is most important to me.The rule of compositional balance. To me, there are two objects with weight in this picture. The first is the three soldiers. The second is the drainpipe. […]

Breaking the rule of… Walking into the frame

Tweet Usually you would allow space in front of people, let them walk into the frame. Sometimes it is okay to break this rule. For example when you want the viewers eye to be led past the person and into the frame. But to break the rule you have to learn it first :-)

“Jump!” discussed in podcast

Tweet My favourite photography author is creating a series of 20 podcasts. In episode 14 he discusses my picture “Jump!”. The picture is taken on the roof of the new operahouse in Oslo. The sun comes in from the side, which is why the two shadows to the left are almost mirror images of the […]

Within The Frame

Tweet I would like to recommend this book! For the how an why on taking pictures. It can be ordered on You can read a pdf with a sample from the book at Do read The Travel Photographers review HERE. The Wandering Photographer calls it the photo book of the year HERE.

The Photographer’s Eye

Tweet I am truly fascinated by books that help me “seeing” pictures. To understand when they work and when they don’t. The Photographer’s Eye av Michael Freeman is to me the ultimate book on composition. Photography changed completely for me after reading this book. You’ll find it on Amazon.

Within The Frame – The first podcast is out

Tweet View all of Davids podcasts at Peachpit.Read his article on storytelling, also at Peachpit.

Spray Painting

Tweet The temperature in Oslo is below the freezing point through most of January. Sometimes this playground is generously transformed into an ice skating range. The reflection is only there as long as the water is actually wet. As the water freezes, the reflection disappears. The building across the square is reflected in the water, […]