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Confessions of a Photographer

Tweet I came across some tutorials about using off-camera flash on Youtube. The photographer is Bert Stephani.This is the first video, you can find the rest on youtube.

Pocket Wizards

Tweet I finally invested in radio triggers for my flashes. So this image is from my first assignment with the new triggers. When using the flash off-camera you can either use a cable, infra-red or radio signals. The spiral cable that also transmits the aperture, shutter speed and ISO is simply not long enough. The […]

Let There be Light

Tweet This sunday was spent on a workshop using studio light. We worked with two models and this is Jeanette from Dream Models in Oslo. Anette was the makeup-artist.Combining the afternoon sky with the studio light fascinated me in the first image, and in the second image I used an angle that would show the […]

Painting with Light

Tweet A sneak preview from last night with the Foto Femme girls. We were trying out the painting with light technique. This image is taken with a 30 second shutter speed and a flashlight, in a completely dark room. The challenge is managing to sit still…. some room for improvement I guess :-)