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Meeting Giuseppe

Meeting Giuseppe

Tweet Through the Within-the-Frame-Photographic-Adventures with Jeffrey and David I have met a lot of other crazy obsessed photographers, and i am just back from a few days in Italy, staying outside Venice with my friend Jay who lives there now. A mini-reunion with Marjan and Luciano was also on the menu. Like a reunion of […]

A view from above

A view from above

Tweet Not many new images are captured at present as I am writing on an e-book. Browsing through my archive for that purpose, brought back this image. I was walking around Camogli just to see if I could discover some interesting scenes, as I looked over the edge of what appeared to be a roof-top […]

Pigeons at the Piazza

Tweet From Piazza Navona in Rome earlier this year. I was fascinated by the dramatic expressions of the statues, and the pigeons showing no respect whatsoever. Sometimes when I start shooting in a new location it takes a little time to “warm up” and then pigeons or seagulls are easy targets.

Venice… again

Tweet I’ve used a split toning gradient map preset for the post processing.

When in Rome…

Tweet I won’t claim to have “done as the Romans” but we had some fun at the Colosseum! There was not enough light to see a reflection of Trond but we solved it by using the flash light function on his cell phone. That is how only his eye can be lit and the rest of […]

Gondoliers in Venice

Tweet Not having been to Venice since I was twelve, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve read stories that the only people left in town were the tourists, and that it was incrediby expensive. I wondered how the people who actually worked there would react to us taking pictures. The clue is to ask, […]


Tweet I was fascinated by how the colour of the reflection balanced the boat. Usually you would want space in front of a moving boat but I bended the rule because of the visual mass top right, created by the yellow colour.