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More on Motion Blur

Tweet My new friend Jeffrey Chapman pointed out that in a picture with motion he would actually like to see some motion. My first instinck here was to try panning but instead I tried to stand completely still and instead freeze the background. I think the shutter speed was 1/30 second. Or at least -ish […]

Rainy Venice

Tweet Roaming around Venice with Jeffrey Chapman and David DuChemin after discussing “motion” makes you look at the city with fresh eyes. Water also allows opportunities for my favourite subject, reflections. I usually shoot in RAW + small jpg’s and often set the picture style to Monochrome on dull days. When Jeffrey saw this shot […]

Techniques for creating blur in your images

Tweet Digital Photography Shool has a very interesting article on how to use blur creatively. Photo by Jeff Kubina Photo by Mr.Bones Their article about the weekend challenge contains links to a lot of interesting articles about different techniques to try out.Read it HERE.

Escalators and Moving Walks

Tweet I was fascinated by an image I found on flickr, showing a person standing still on a moving walk, while the world was flowing by. The inspiration has led to these images. One from the Gardermoen airport, with the camera on the moving walk, and two from the west escalators at Nationaltheatret train station. […]

Tram trip through Oslo

Tweet The first image shows the tram I am sitting on, reflected in the front window of the bus behind it. The second image is taken at a slow shutter speed as the tram turns, so only the couple to the right is sharp. The third image is a baby on a passing tram. I […]

Panning and Composition

Tweet It is difficult to create a composition when you are panning. Usually you end up with only the subject sharp and then not much of interest in the rest of the picture. Try to choose a background that will add value. In this shot I was following the girl with a shutter spped of […]

City Speedscapes

Tweet The inspiration for these images came from the photographer Finn Krogvig who visited Oslo Kamera Klubb. He is fascinated by taking images from the train window while travelling. When he sees something interesting through his lens he turns fast and tries to keep the focus on for example a house. In turning, swirls are created around the […]

Freezing Motion

Tweet The first shot freezes the moment completely with a shutter speed of 1/2500 second. The second shot follows the skateboarder with a slow shutter speed of 1/30 sec.So what is best? It depends… :-) In both cases I would shoot a series of shots, with the setting that lets the camera refocus for each […]

Skateboarders at Dyvekes Bru in Oslo

Tweet I love going to this skateboard park that I have discovered on one of the weekly walks with OSLO KAMERA KLUBB. My favourite viewpoint is from above, i.e on the bridge. I was lucky to get these two guys in the same frame, as they are moving in opposite directions. To me balancing a composition […]

Motion Blur

Tweet Sports pictures are often taken with a fast shutter speed of, say, 1/1000 seconds to freeze the action. This is what will happen if you use the Sports Mode on your camera. An alternative is to use a slow shutter speed and to follow the moving person or object with the camera. This is […]

Let the Snow Show

Tweet In this image the snow is very visible, snowing sideways into the picture. On a windy day it can be tempting to stand with your back against the wind, but the snow is more visible if you turn 90 degrees and stand with your shoulder against the wind. Try out slow(er) shutter speeds. The slower […]