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Gone sailing

Tweet The sailing bit of Musto Millet Ski Yachting took place in Oslo today.  I went out with my local sailing club. The wind disappeared after two races, though. But I love the reflections so I didn’t really mind. I think the light is really beautiful when it shines through dark clouds.

Window Reflections

Tweet This is another mix of showroom dummies and shoppers. I try to find a street where the sun shines straight in. The sun should not be at an angle so that the shop window is lit, but it is okay if the shops across the street are lit up. I position myself so that […]

Oslo from Above

Tweet Norway is sort of closed from Wednesday through Monday for the Easter Holiday. But I have a friend who  worked overtime in an empty office. And she let me come for a visit with my camera.

Tourist in my home town

Tweet Sometimes all it takes is to put on my “tourist glasses” to spot a “new” location. This type of architectural image I find adifficult to keep free of barrel distortion and converging verticals.The filter I use in Photoshop is Filter -> Distort -> Lens Correction.

Smoke on the Water

Tweet With minus 20 degrees Celsius I am surprised that the water in Oslo Harbour has not frozen. Instead there is this fascinating swirling frost smoke that really stands out when it is shot agains the setting sun. It can almost look like waves but the sea is flat. The green to the right is […]

Blue Sky

Tweet Winter brings amazing sunsets. Clear skies also bring cold days, like the -10 C below outside as I write this :-) This is an other shot from the rampant of Akershus Fortress in Oslo. The composition rule called “Rule of thirds” is about drawing two vertical lines and two horisontal lines across the image, […]

Another Tram

Tweet It was snowing in Oslo on monday night – which inspired me to browse through some earlier winter shots. This image is taken with slow shutter speed – I think it was 1/25 seconds – while I was panning the moving tram with the camera. The slow shutter speed and the wet March snow accounted for the snow […]

View from the Rampant

Tweet The Akershus Fortress is right next to the town hall. The rampant is a good spot for a picnic or just an evening view of the harbour. These images were taken yesterday. It was a cold clear day with a hint of frost.

Silhouettes in the Sunset

Tweet This time of year the sun rises at approximately nine in the morning and sets at three. We only have six hours of daylight now. This also implies that the sun sets in a completely different place than in the summer. From Oslo Town Hall you can view the sunset on a clear day […]

Tram trip through Oslo

Tweet The first image shows the tram I am sitting on, reflected in the front window of the bus behind it. The second image is taken at a slow shutter speed as the tram turns, so only the couple to the right is sharp. The third image is a baby on a passing tram. I […]

A night at the Opera

Tweet A preview from my new series.

The Brain is Alone

Tweet A band that had a concert in Oslo tonight has a song called Hjernen er alene, which literally means The brain is alone. I asked the people who set up the light for this dog – if it was for some reason? The lady explained that the dog was called The Brain. And was […]

Akershus fortress – the rampant

Tweet I selected a”Sunny” white balance to get the crisp clear blue. Also remember to set the focus point on the silhouettes and underexpose by 1-2 stops, to ensure that you get sharp silhouettes and avoid a burnt-out sky. For the second-to-last shot I have converted to b/wh and then tinted the image. The last one […]

Autumn Colours


Lighthouse and Ferry

Tweet From Bygdøy, Oslo. The ferry from Nesodden passes on its way back to Aker Brygge. I have chosen to keep the lighthouse sharp, and the ferry out of focus. I could also have decided to have the ferry in focus and the lighthouse blurred. Or to keep both of them sharp. Today’s subject is […]

Oooooh…. Imbalance!

Tweet I’ll admit, this is a picture I am a bit reluctant to show you but it helps pointing out the one single composition rule that is most important to me.The rule of compositional balance. To me, there are two objects with weight in this picture. The first is the three soldiers. The second is the drainpipe. […]

Fun in Photoshop

Tweet This image was shot on the marble bridge over to the Oslo Opera, just after sunset. The camera was placed on the edge of the bridge, with a slow shutter speed set. The focusing was adjusted approximately and then switched to manual. Every time she took a step forward, I pressed the shutter. The multiple […]

Motion Blur

Tweet Sports pictures are often taken with a fast shutter speed of, say, 1/1000 seconds to freeze the action. This is what will happen if you use the Sports Mode on your camera. An alternative is to use a slow shutter speed and to follow the moving person or object with the camera. This is […]

Sunset at Akershus Fortress

Tweet This type of shot you achieve by exposing for the sky. Underexpose by 1-2 stops and check your histogram. Use only one focus point and it must be set on the people to get a sharp silhouette. A low camera angle is important – here I was on my knees in the mud.

The streets of Oslo

Tweet Another reflection shot with the dolls inside the shop and a woman passing by behind me. For this to work there has to be a balanced amount of light between the dolls and the person passing by.

“Jump!” discussed in podcast

Tweet My favourite photography author is creating a series of 20 podcasts. In episode 14 he discusses my picture “Jump!”. The picture is taken on the roof of the new operahouse in Oslo. The sun comes in from the side, which is why the two shadows to the left are almost mirror images of the […]

A snowy evening

Tweet This is another example of how your choice of white balance can add to the mood of an image. The snow in the foreground is more blue than white. “Correcting” the white balance would completely have ruined the mood in this image.

The colour of light

Tweet During the winter months it is dark when I come home from work, but I still love to go out and make use of available light.Light comes in many colours. When the light comes from different sources, with differen colour temperatures I usually shoot in Raw. In this picture the street lamp that lit […]

Spray Painting

Tweet The temperature in Oslo is below the freezing point through most of January. Sometimes this playground is generously transformed into an ice skating range. The reflection is only there as long as the water is actually wet. As the water freezes, the reflection disappears. The building across the square is reflected in the water, […]