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Lighthouse and Ferry

Tweet From Bygdøy, Oslo. The ferry from Nesodden passes on its way back to Aker Brygge. I have chosen to keep the lighthouse sharp, and the ferry out of focus. I could also have decided to have the ferry in focus and the lighthouse blurred. Or to keep both of them sharp. Today’s subject is […]


Tweet Leaving Haugesund in the rain and arriving in Oslo to a water leakage in the train station. I chose to focus on the raindrops on the window in this first image. If you are in Auto Mode it is impossible to take a shot like this, because Auto Mode calculates the focus based on […]

Let the Snow Show

Tweet In this image the snow is very visible, snowing sideways into the picture. On a windy day it can be tempting to stand with your back against the wind, but the snow is more visible if you turn 90 degrees and stand with your shoulder against the wind. Try out slow(er) shutter speeds. The slower […]